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The place where languages come alive!

The goal of The Language Lounge is to create a social space for linguists and language lovers alike. 

It is a place to gather, learn, study, grow and socialize on the way to fluency. A partner in crime to keep you motivated and focused.

No more running around or spending hours scurrying the internet for where and when the next available Meetup that fits your busy and sometimes unpredictable schedule will be; you can come to The Language Lounge 6 days a week anytime from 11am to 10pm. View schedule for workshops and open play times.

When you think of where to go and what to do to practice and keep your linguistic skills sharp; The Language Lounge will surely be the undeniable answer!

A unique venue unlike any other!

What is The Language Lounge and how will we be of service?

The place that caters to what happens after your studies.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and this venue came out the need to have a space dedicated to gathering with friends and meeting new ones through the mutual interest and love of language.

Having attended numerous language Meetups, I quickly saw how large the community was and that there was a need for us to have a space to call our own. A home for languages. A place where we can feel free and comfortable to speak in any language we like, a place to find others who seek to improve their speech as well as resources to help on the path to fluency.

The top 3 problems that I've found most plague pretty much anyone who can't afford to pack-up and leave for a few months are:

  1. Where to go ?!

  2. What to do ?!

  3. Who to talk to ?!​

We aim to answer those questions the in the following ways:

  1. Where do you go? That's easy, The Language Lounge of course! The only place providing you with ease of access to the language community in your area. We aim to have everything you need for a fun and engaging journey to fluency from study to fun!                                          

  2. What do you do? Join a conversation circle, have brunch with us, play a variety of games in your target language (solo or with 1 or more persons), meet others on activity nights,  ditch the plain coffee shops and bring your Meetup group, do arts & crafts or just hang out. What you do and how much you benefit from The Language Lounge is all up to you. We provide many linguistic tools for you to choose from at your leisure. Have an idea you think might be fun? A game we should buy? Suggest it!                                                  

  3. Who do you talk to? The people that come to The Language Lounge, like yourself, seek to make connections with others through 1 or more languages. Generally speaking the folks present want to share, converse and help others and themselves become fluent. Grab a game and make a new friend, make a post on the bulletin boards, start a study group. There are no strangers here for long. Your search for partners in crime has come to an end. 

The Language Lounge came from wanting the books from the library, the drinks and snacks from the coffee shop, the ambiance of a lounge combined with the inspiration of the classroom. All put together to create a social space unlike any other when it comes to language learning and especially maintenance. We are all about giving every possible tool to help you on your way to fluency in the fastest and funnest manner possible!


        Give us a try and if by the time you leave you can honestly say you have not learned anything new, you get your money back!**

**Based on active participation and effort in an activity, event or other.